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Domestic Wind Turbines

The applications of Windspot are many and varied. Our wind turbines produce an energy that can be used for personal use and sell the surplus to the network.

Windspot can be used in homes, agricultural and cattle raising installations, sports facilities, universities, telecommunications booster stations, water pump systems, boats or ships in industrial parks… these are only some of the examples because the possibilities are a lot greater.

Windspot is manufactured in four versions in response to different energy needs (1.5kw, 3.5kw, 7.5kw, 15kw).

In many places WINDSPOT produces energy for personal use and the surplus is sold to the network. In other cases, all the electricity flows into the network and nothing is accumulated. In these cases it is not necessary to use batteries.

WINDSPOT generates alternating electricity, at a voltage and frequency that varies depending on the wind. Later, a controller converts this energy to direct current, at a voltage acceptable to the inverter.

If there is an excess of power, the controller diverts the surplus energy to discharge resistors that act as a brake and dissipate the surplus energy as heat.

The direct current that leaves the controller is already ready for the inverter to convert it again to alternating current at the voltage and frequency required by the distribution network.

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